This is Maaaaarco! A goomba who somehow found success in the most unexpected places. Basically a drop out, I got through life on my sight and senses alone, but always with the desire to culture myself. Now, after failing as an actor and serendipitously becoming the stand in for Nicholas Cage, I’m ready to embark on a new chapter. This is my opportunity to parley life’s circumstances into a fun and fluffy pop production. That’s all I am, fun and fluffy, and somehow I was allowed inside Hollywood during its last heyday. It’s time to tell about that story and to share with you my experience through “pod-casty poos” and “bloggy poos”. I will entertain you, that I’m sure, but I hope you can also learn from my mistakes; for those new film industry peeps especially. Anyway, somehow I’m here and somehow you haven’t clicked off… yet. I may offend and I may be a goomba, but it all comes from what I have learned to be true in my “Disco days gone by.”



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