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    A dark and disturbing melodramatic comedy with Nic Cage playing two characters on screen. And on set, flip flopping back and forth in costume, hair, and make up all day. He never missed a beat, mark, or line. Truly a great craftsman, as he surely proved it on this film. Director, DP, and AD were tough on me. It took weeks for them to include me in their "reindeer games", but were all lovey dovey by the end of it. I earned my keep with them during this film; having to prove to them that I was more than just an over-payed, overrated stand in, with a bourgeois attitude. I had a velcro pillow tied around my stomach with a curly blond haired wig and was subject to many compromising positions, including a series of naked photographs. All things tested first on me, the guinea pig stand in.

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