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    This film brought me back to the homeland. Initially a treat for me, as I also got to play translator for Camp Cage. Then we hit a heat wave of 100F degrees daily, on the island of Kefallonia off the coast of mainland Greece. Mainly a daytime shoot starting at 5:30am and lasting till 7:30pm, five and six days a week, with a short lunch break. They don't call Greece "glorious" for nothing. Not a cloud in the sky for three months as we burned in the hot hot sun in our WWII military wool uniforms. Always looking for a shady olive tree and hiding under a sun-hat. "Standing in" was more like "schvitzing in" all summer. No AC or black out curtains and often no running hot watter in my studio apartment. Mosquitoes, flies, and bees oh my. They won the war all night long while I was in bed. It made the war film shoot feel like Kramer vs Kramer in comparison. Opa!

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