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    A tough movie to work on. Starting out on the salt flats of Utah outside of Salt Lake City. Dessert summer heat, small motel lodging, and long hours from dawn to dusk five days a week. Convict cast and crew types, loving their T&A, and enjoying talking about it too. I was so miscast to stand in on this film. I did my best to get along with the cave man like attitude of the stunt and convict cast, but mostly kept my distance. Fortunately, I was busy working for both Cage and Cusack on this film. Alternating between these two actors during the entire shoot. Kept my focus on the scenes and not the desolate dessert. Hated being outside in the burning sun and occasional sand storm. What was I thinking to accept the film. Couldn't wait to work on set on the LA sound staged after the Utah/Nevada portion. I could hide on my days off in LA sipping my frappy happy cappys on Sunset Boulevard. It was the furthest thing away from the testosterone cast and crew until Monday rolled along.

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