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    A movie about cars, cars, cars. A slick and macho cast, all loving their wheels. I could not relate, as I had no interest in these machines. Just my hair color, as it was stripped, bleached, and died blond for five months several times over. Nervous about it falling out. All to make me valid as the color coded stand in for job security, and of course for lighting and photo-doubling. A long shoot in the summer of '99 shot entirely in the greater LA area including studio lots. Yes, an exciting time as we were approaching the millennium. The vibe was in the air, as if we just didn't care. Many mishaps on this film from top to bottom. Nights and days, days and nights, our bodies were up and down on this film as much as the stunt drivers were on the roads of southern California. Exhausting for all, but fun for all.

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