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    My first big studio action film with Cage. Very intimidated, but with butterflies of excitement. Immediately beginning work on "The Rock" of Alcatraz and staying with a friend, and yes, taking a bus to the docks before boarding the cargo boat to the island at 5am.  All this, and I was somehow forgotten for the big pay day on Cage's first action film. I again had to put myself up. The city was cold and damp, as San Francisco is known for, and I felt it in my bones. Geographically a complex film to work on with base camp at the foot of Alcatraz and sets throughout "The Rock", and yes, testosterone male dominated cast and crew of which I was not. The second half was filmed on stage in Las Angeles with brilliant sets like you only see in the movies. It was worth getting the flue 8 time along with the diarrhea and being completely burnt out on this all American action classic flick. As Nic sets his sights for more action films to come, not as a sell out, but for character diversification.

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