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    My first gig as a stand-in, filmed in Niagara On The Lake, Ontario. A charming lake front town, perfect for a Christmas movie, which it was. Streets all dolled up like a Rockwell-esque painting.   All the cast and crew were housed in two quaint hotels in the center of town. Vans were transporting us to and from the locations for filming. I was told to just mentally copy and paste the movements of Mr. Cage. To be seen, but not heard. I did just that, on set, in a frigged winter of '94 with lake wind chills of -20 Fahrenheit. A serious wake up call of how brutal the film biz is under these conditions. Night shoots, outdoors, in arctic cold, and always sick and tired as was everyone else on set. All this for "the love" of film making. I was disenchanted but needed the money at this time. I worked it like I owned it and Cage took notice, hence he invited me to work on his next film project and so forth through the year. Alas, a stand in for the star is born.

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