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    Set in WWII and filmed in Hawaii and on location north of Los Angeles. It was another grueling war film to be working on. Such a massive crew, including the huge special affects team, gun wranglers, location/transpo dept., and of course, hundreds of military extra types and endless stunt men. There were many local crew members in Hawaii, but also a huge LA crew and cast put up in the original "Hawaii 5-0" hotel from the 60s TV show. Even the production office was operating from that hotel. And all given rent-a-cars. A massive budget and perks to boot with my Cage Wage salary matching some of the principal actors', the diva that I was. A physically demanding film for everyone involved. Locations and base camp were a 20 min drive apart and tropical rains made "lushy Hawaii" "slushy Hawaii". Hence they moved the film company to a massive ranch north of Los Angeles as the budget was exceeded on the tropical island.

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